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dinner at eight.

3/31/14 11:30 am - i'm getting married.

i wish i could print out the entire archive i wrote here.
or that lj will never ever close down.

11/13/13 05:03 pm - where are we going?

hello there here!
as i'm siting here, I've so many things to be thankful for.
with that said, i'm still pretty lost but very appreciative of all the things that i have.
i'm here, at a studio apartment- small but enough for me to go thru my day with ease and it's over viewing this city that I've so wanted to be in, ever since... ever.
it's 394days since I've relocated here and honestly... sometimes it's not even green at all.

good friends that I've left behind, kind relatives, a bigger space at home, my car, my family.
nonetheless, this new breathing space is a luxury.
but for how long?

5/2/13 01:53 am - may.

hello there world,
hasn't it been a loooong while?
is anyone still here? :)

well, hello there.
if you are.

i was just looking back at some post for throwback-thursdays i'm doing at the
theheyheyhey blog.

i'm settling well in korea.
well, i suppose.

and um, go vote this Sunday fellow malaysians!

10/25/12 01:25 am - turning 25.

i was just looking back, last year this time and how the "now" i'm living in was the "wishful" thinking of the past i hoped to have.
one of it is,
i'm finally going to korea and before the "real" relocation... i got a bonus, and i'm flying in next week and i'll get to see my love that i've not seen in months!!
i'll also be attending a press event and wow! it's really those kind of travel that i always thought of having- work and play.
just yesterday (on my bday)... i went to a new saloon, was there for a hair dye.
the stylist was talking to me about the job description i wrote down and the conversation went on and i was just sharing some ideas and giving some feedback and i didn't have much thought in mind about the impact i had on them-so much so that they gave me 50% off of the service and i was beyond thankful for the favor God gave me that day :)

unmerited favor i experienced on my first day, of my new year.

it got me really excited to see what's ahead of me!
as i travel this time to fulfill the little dream i had so long ago...
i can only say this....
that God doesn't forget the desires and dreams i once had, even when i've forgotten....
He remains faithful in accomplishing the desires He started in me.

next year, this time...
where will i be? :)
i sure hope to be in the same arms and still being thankful for His faithfulness.

10/4/12 12:34 am - 700 steps.

i'm so thankful, for the favor that You are showing me..
as i'm gearing up for the "re-location".

today, dad passed me the documents needed and over lunch...
he told me that it's 700 steps from the office to the bank,
to get the documents approved.


as things are still settling and what's ahead, really... unknown.
i choose to believe that everything is going to be great,
cos you said in your word, 
that it will!

Jeremiah 29:11

The Message (MSG)

10-11 This is God’s Word on the subject: “As soon as Babylon’s seventy years are up and not a day before, I’ll show up and take care of you as I promised and bring you back home. I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.

God you are good and you never lie.
not because i can have things my way, but knowing that Your hand will lead me on... 
to your destination for me.

i don't have much, i still get very, very lost.
but you never ask me to figure everything out on my own,
so i wouldnt. 

just help me to partner with you,
in this journey... may i always be obedient, so that i will not screw it up and delay those many things You've prepared for me.

Thank you Paps for my father :)
Bless him and please meet with him. 

9/26/12 02:03 am - You are...

of the many things that You are,
You are so FAITHFUL.

Thank You Paps for opening doors...
for providing me jobs, for the pending matters that needed some funding aid.

I'm reminded again of how You can...
make doors open,
money for meals,
peace in the storm,
joy in the morning...

because i'm hopeless (without Your hand).

So, as i'm experiencing Your glory.. and basking in your grace...
i'm taking this and all Your promises written for me as I start soaring a new chapter.

there're many uncertainties...
if i were to stay or leave.
one thing remains... one thing will be the same.
i'm hopeless on my own.

i feel your peace, thank You for that.
i feel your favor and oh God! how awesome is Your love for me.
May I never forget that, forget all these...

9/7/12 02:21 am - dear God...

in Your book,
am i great? am i as beautiful as the clouds, the sunset, that blanket of stars?
why do i seem so ... lost?
why do i feel like i'm not acomplishing anything?
why do i feel everything but great?

in Your book... do i finish great? 

oh, would you help me out :(
i'm beyond clueless, and helpless and in desperate need for a vision, passion, favor and future.

in Your book...what have You wrote about me?

8/27/12 01:55 am - RE: VEAL

i was just checking back,
today- last year.

WOW! one year ago, i post a question/ parked a thought.
this year, at a similar time...
i'm getting a route to studying in korea.
picking up the language i (am amazed i still want to learn) want
and in just about...
anytime now,
it's possible.

Paps, is this (finally) the time? for this season to come?
Lord, i'm amazed! How you love me, and answering me.

5/6/12 10:31 pm - ... by the day

i was in penang for a tour, and what i caught that day was how things need not be sweet at the beginning but whats important is the day after day after years- sweet.

twice, was this "lesson" taught that day and when i came home... i had it on my mind to share this or just dropping a note to encourage us. 

before i could even remember, jotting the lines or mumble the words...
you brought it up your own- that wee hours in the morning.
you told me how the days will just get better and better and if you could only see, what a joy that although we were miles apart that day...
we caught the same thing.

no way.

it has been the happiness yet,
day by day.. having you near, having you close, having to eat with you and talk to you without a screen is such happiness.
it's hard to part even for awhile, (hee~^^) it's hard also to have uncertainties... of your location/mine/work.
but then again, i was reminded about the cares of the world- that i/we don't need to carry.

we didn't start with our own strength.
and knowing that our thoughts echoes each other, i'm amazed by His love for us.

for i don't know what will happen the next day,
every day i appreciate you and thank God for you.
and miss you.

3/27/12 01:06 am - to the added days, ahead.

note to self:
to the days that took forever to pass has become months...
we have grown together and have been learning about our lives. tho apart.

it wasn't hard since we seem to understand the tone...
and through these waiting times... i've learnt to mature- in wanting, in longing, in understanding...
and most importantly... to be self-less.

i am not sure if you know that because of you:
i'm becoming a better person... though not with my own strength.
many prayers and surrendered moments, still surrendering.
but yes, the quiet times sure did help me reflect.

some days, it takes seconds...
some days, it takes a whole night crying to sleep.
but MOST days... i'm simply grateful. :) 
happy for this moment, happy in having all these to share.

i hope i'm helping you grow too.
i sure hope that you can depend on me- and want to.

i am still waiting.
we are still waiting.
but i believe, the days we've lost will be added to us.
in double, in triple, in many days in the sun.

to us!
i miss you.
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